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3 Little Known Facts About Grand Prairie

Are you thinking about moving to an apartment in Grand Prairie? You’re sure to love living in this northeast Texas town, what with all the great community events, downtown shopping and dining and access to beautiful public art. If you’ve been doing your research, you might think you know all there is to know about Grand Prairie. However, these three little known facts might surprise you.

Fact 1

Grand Prairie’s unique location means it’s actually situated in three separate counties. Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear Grand Prairie called a suburb of either Forth Worth or Dallas. The city has a small town feel without actually being all that small. In fact, Grand Prairie is the 15th most populated city in Texas. We are a close-knit community that has the excitement of a big city.

Fact 2

The original name of Grand Prairie was Dechman, named after Alexander McRae Dechman who settled the area in 1863. He ended up trading half the township to T&P Railroad in exchange for having the tracks run through Dechman.

However, since T&P Railroad owned half the land in town, this created confusion with the US Postal Service. That’s why in 1909, the town was renamed Grand Prairie due to its location in the beautiful grand prairie separating Dallas and Fort Worth.

Fact 3

Quite a few famous people were born in Grand Prairie. Some of the most well known include:

  • Singer and actress Selena Gomez
  • Young and the Restless actor and Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller
  • Former Washington Redskins player and Pro Football Hall of Famer Charley Taylor
  • Retired major league baseball pitcher Kerry Woods

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How Gated Communities Benefit Your Living Experience

Mention the words “gated community,” and a number of things come to mind. They include vitals like exclusivity, safety, and security. There are a number of benefits in living a gated community lifestyle in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The top reasons why you should choose a gated community among all other kind of living options include:

Exclusivity: This is the primary reason for people opting to stay in gated communities. Everyone who wishes to enter this exclusive zone must first bypass the gate. It means that no stray individual can willingly enter the neighborhood. As a resident of such an exclusive place, only you and a few other like-minded persons can enjoy your surroundings. The city traffic is kept out. You will also feel part of the aristocracy.

Security: This is another important factor when it comes to you enjoying a higher quality of life. You feel secured when you live within these limits. Safety measures are present to ensure that you remain immune from the problems behind those walls. The sight of cameras are routine, and the securely locked gates can only be opened with a special key or by entering a security code. It is no wonder that gated communities enjoy much lower crime rates compared to other non-gated communities and neighborhoods.

Privacy: This is another one of the many pros of living in a gated community. The walls surrounding the entire property give it a secluded feel. As a resident, you do not have to worry about strange people coming and going at odd hours.

Serenity: The serenity of the gated community will elevate your quality of life. The gated life is much quieter. The enclosed space barres a lot of noise. Excellent landscaping and the presence of a groundskeeper to take care of the trees, bushes and lions only add to higher quality of life.

There are a number of reasons as to why you will buy a home within a Grand Prairie gated community. It offers a sense of exclusivity, privacy and security.