5 Affordable and Chic Home Decor Ideas

chic home decor

Have you ever been browsing Pinterest on the couch, and looked up and realized your apartment isn’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing as it could be?

Our apartments are our safe spaces, our havens, our cozy dens away from the daily stresses of life. It’s easy to let decorating fall by the wayside sometimes, though, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

That shouldn’t stop you from adding some chic home decor to your apartment, though. Keep reading to check out some affordable apartment home decor ideas that’ll make your place Pinterest-worthy in no time.

Take A Good Look

First things first: take a look around your apartment. Try to set aside your mind’s ideas of the purposes of the items you see around you. Instead, focus on their aesthetics.

You’d be surprised at all the potentially chic home decor you already have lying around.

Old cowboy boots? Those would look great on a little bench near the door.

A bowl full of mandarin oranges? Instead of hiding them in the pantry, bring them out and set them on the counter for a pop of color.

Form meets function.

Cinder Block Planters

The cinder block planter is the cheapest planter you’ll ever own. Bonus: they’re super easy to make.

Run to your local hardware store and pick up a few cinder blocks, some landscape fabric, and the right type of soil for your preferred plants. Succulents look particularly chic in cinder block planters.

From there, it’s as simple as stacking them up and transferring the plant to its new home. Boom: chic home decor from the hardware store.

Faux Copper Beveled Mirror

The faux copper beveled mirror is another great DIY that can mostly be done with simple materials. Check your local thrift store for a cool mirror, then grab some copper tape from the hardware store.

Line the edge of the mirror with the copper tape. Then, create a geometric pattern of tape on the surface of the mirror to make it appear beveled. It’ll turn a cheap-looking mirror that you got for a few bucks into trendy wall art that you can hang in a bedroom, bathroom, or hallway.

DIY Photo Displays

Do you have tons of photographs, but don’t want to spend money on tons of picture frames? Well, who needs glass to hang photos?

Pick up some small, simple clipboards and hang them on the wall, placing your favorite photos in the clip for display.

You can also string up a line of twine or string from one end of the wall to the other, hanging photos on clothespins along the line. This is a great way to decorate a whole wall quickly, easily, and on the cheap.

Don’t Fear the Flea Market

The term “flea market” usually populates your mind with images of cheap plastic toys, trading card booths, and $1.50 hotdogs. Sure, those things can definitely be found there, but there are a slew of other potentially chic home decor items in the mix too. It just requires some curiosity and patience to discover them.

Scour the market for a ladder to hang towels on, or an old pipe to turn into a DIY paper towel holder. You can also usually find some rustic chic furniture there, like antique end tables and funky chairs. In the Fall, the flea market abounds with fun harvest decorations like pumpkins and foliage wreaths.

Chic Home Decor On the Cheap

You don’t have to be raking in the dough to curate a space that feels good to you. With a little time and elbow grease, you can spruce up your place in no time.

Now that you’re brimming with creative energy, are you on the hunt for the perfect new place to decorate? We’ve got your back! Get in touch for help finding the perfect apartment, AKA your new blank canvas!

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